Professional Dog Grooming in Greenville, NC

Our groomer is trained to work with a variety of dog breeds, using a gentle touch and a calming demeanor to make grooming a relaxing experience for every pet. Animal Care of Greenville is pleased to offer professional dog grooming services, because they have an important part to play in keeping your best friend healthy and happy. Looking and smelling good is just the start--regular grooming can benefit your pet both on the outside and on the inside, and make them feel their best, too.

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To have your pet groomed, please call (252) 752-1890 or use the online form to reserve an appointment today!

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Services Included in Our Dog Grooming Repertoire

The skills of our professional groomer go beyond basic baths and blow dries. With low-stress handling and expert grooming knowledge, they can provide:

  • A full bath, brush, and blowout
  • Breed-standard haircuts and trims
  • Nail trims
  • Ear cleaning
  • Anal gland expression
  • Bows and bandanas (by request)

We Can do Cat Grooming, Too

Most cats can handle their grooming duties on their own, but old age, health issues, and other problems can prevent some cats from getting the job done. This can result in matted fur, irritated skin, and major dirt and oil buildup in the coat. This can leave your cat uncomfortable, miserable, and possibly defensive when you try to touch them or brush them.

In these situations, we can provide essential grooming to remove painful fur mats and shave down the coat so it can grow back in properly. This typically requires light sedation to ensure that our groomer can work thoroughly while keeping your cat relaxed.

The Many Benefits of Pet Grooming

Dog (and cat) grooming has numerous benefits for pets and their personal hygiene, including:

  • Removing/preventing the buildup of oils, dirt, dead skin, loose hair, and allergens on the skin and coat
  • Making your pet feel more comfortable with the overall grooming experience, as well as being handled
  • Being able to examine your pet’s skin and check for fleas, mites, lumps, bumps, and more
  • Reducing shedding
  • Helping your pet stay cool in summer and warm in winter
  • Preventing the fur from matting and pulling at the skin