Should You Get Pet Insurance?

Many pet parents want to be able to afford the cost of their pet’s care, but financial constraints can sometimes get in the way. We understand the frustration of being in such a situation and recommend researching pet insurance options to see if it will ease the burden of exorbitant and/or unexpected veterinary costs.

What pet insurance does is reimburse you for a portion, or the entirety of, your sick or injured pet’s medical bill. Some pet insurance plans can even cover congenital issues, or cover the cost of routine preventative care. There are more pet insurance options out there than ever before, and we highly encourage you to explore them and see if there’s a plan out there that suits the needs of you and your pet.

What to Look for When Researching Pet Insurance Companies

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There are many pet insurance companies to choose from. Don’t be overwhelmed! Go one company at a time. Be thorough in your research of these companies and what they offer.

Here are a few things you need to consider when you’re looking for a pet insurance company--and plan--that gives you the best offer:

  • Find out what your pet’s plan will cost each month
  • Does the plan offer coverage for preventative care (exams, vaccinations, blood work)?
  • Does the plan cover preexisting conditions?
  • If your pet has already been diagnosed, will the insurance company be able to cover the costs involved in treating this condition?
  • Does the company offer a plan covering congenital and hereditary conditions (heart defects, hip/elbow dysplasia, etc.)
  • What percentage or dollar amount of your bill will the company reimburse?
  • What limits are included in the plan? Does the plan have a yearly or lifetime limit?

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