Offering Online Vet Visits with the Airvet Telemedicine App in Greenville, NC

Telemedicine allows our hospital to offer online vet visits to our clients. This ensures that even while you and your pets are at home, you can still access quality care. With Airvet, you can get in touch with your veterinarian via your smart phone for guidance, tips, and a treatment plan for your pet. While the diagnoses we make and the treatment we can provide via online vet visits is limited compared to what we can offer at our hospital, we aim to help pets and owners who need us in times when a visit to our facility is simply not possible.

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How to Get Started with Airvet

Setting up and using the Airvet telemedicine app is simple.

1. First, download Airvet to your mobile device from the Apple store or Google Play store.
2. Next, create your account and add us (Animal Care of Greenville) as your main animal hospital, and then select your primary veterinarian.
3. Finally, complete your profile by entering essential information about you and your pet.

Once you’ve completed these steps, you’re all ready to go! To make an “appointment,” request a video vet call and we’ll get back to you shortly to help you schedule a time that’s convenient for you.

When does Telemedicine come in Handy?

As convenient as telemedicine can be for our patients and clients, it also has its share of limitations. A video consultation is not the same as an in-person physical exam of your pet. Because we will not be able to assess your pet thoroughly and in person, it is essential that we already have an established veterinary-patient-client relationship and are familiar with your pet’s health history. This allows us to provide more individualized care for your pet. Keep in mind, though, that certain issues cannot be properly evaluated or diagnosed via telemedicine.

However, telemedicine can be extremely valuable in the following situations:

  • Post-surgical follow-up
  • Re-checks following an in-hospital visit
  • Skin problems
  • Minor symptoms like sneezing, coughing, and mild vomiting or diarrhea
  • Limping and/or other gait problems
  • Behavioral or nutritional concerns
  • Questions or concerns about your pet’s general health

What to Do in an Emergency

Please do not attempt to schedule an online vet visit if your pet is having an emergency. Instead, call us directly at (252) 752-1890 or contact our emergency referral hospital.

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