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Exotic Vet Care in Greenville, NC

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Exotic Vet Care

At Animal Care of Greenville, we see more exotic pets than your average animal hospital. In fact, they make up roughly a quarter of our daily patients! Often, we provide care for various pocket pets including guinea pigs and hamsters, all kinds of birds, and reptiles such as snakes and bearded dragons. We also treat animals from the local petting zoo, and partner with Petsmart and Petco to administer essential care.
While we treat many exotic pet species, we are not specialists in exotic animal medicine. For complex diseases or injuries, we will direct exotic pet owners to an outside specialist who can expertly address the issue.
Dr-olson Animal Care Greenville

Our Exotic Pet Vet in Greenville, NC

Dr. Olson is our resident exotic pet vet. Her primary services for exotic pets fall under the umbrella of preventative care, but she also frequently treats sick exotic pets and assists in husbandry for area petting zoo animals. Dr. Olson is greatly interested in caring for exotics and is highly trained to provide the necessary care to keep them happy and healthy for life.

Services We Offer for Exotic Pets

Our primary healthcare services for the many exotic species we see include:

Preventative and wellness care:

Involves annual physical examinations and blood and fecal testing, along with offering to counsel about nutrition, handling, habitat, grooming, and more.


Rodents’ teeth are continuously growing, so they regularly require dental care to stay in the best condition.


We can also perform surgical mass removals as needed to improve your pet’s health and quality of life.


Our hospital can provide basic medications, as well as send out for compounded prescriptions.